Inspired By Marine Fish & Coral

Wage for Waikiki Aquarium

After careful consideration and following the county's "Act Now Honolulu" order,
the Waikiki Aquarium has announced it will be closed indefinitely as of
August 20th, 2020.

"This was a difficult yet necessary decision" said Dr. Andrew Rossiter. "Owing to the COVID situation, the Aquarium is also in a perilous financial situation and simply cannot sustain ourselves in this current environment". 
We have partnered with the Waikiki Aquarium to aid relief to their current financial situation
by bringing to the market our Hawai'i Exclusive Everyday Masks.
These masks were created to be sold in the Waikiki Aquarium exclusively for valued visitors. We are now offering these masks on our site to provide an extra platform for the Waikiki Aquarium to generate revenue.⁣

All proceeds from our Hawai'i exclusive masks gets donated directly to⁣
the Waikiki Aquarium⁣ helping carry out necessary action to remain in operation.⁣
If you are interested in making a direct donation you may do so by following the link below. ⁣


Fun fact: The Waikiki Aquarium opened on March 19, 1904,⁣
and is the second-oldest public aquarium in the United States.⁣