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Insulated Eagle Eye Zoanthid Mini Tote Bag

Insulated Eagle Eye Zoanthid Mini Tote Bag

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You can now be a modern-day Superhero! Omit your use of polluting plastic with our 
reusable Insulated Zoanthid Mini Tote. Also known as the "frag bag", this tote bag is designed with temperature regulating insulation to keep your fish and coral warm or cool for the trip home all year. The eye-popping polyps displayed on this bag are guaranteed to intrigue hobbyists and curious eyes alike. Show others what is worth saving when you use our reusable Insulated Zoanthid Tote Bag!

  • 12" x 9" x 4.5"
  • Foil Thermal Insulation
  • Proprietary Dye Process
  • Embroidered Logo